Monday, September 26, 2016

iPhone 7 clients: How to add a 3.5mm earphone jack to your iPhone in under 60 seconds (parody)

In case you're an iPhone proprietor and you've procured the new iPhone 7, you may have seen that the 3.5mm earphone jack is absent. Apple chose to forego the earphone jack and default to a bluetooth headset association. Luckily, a virtuoso mechanical architect has posted a YouTube video demonstrating an answer.

This arrangement works particularly well in the event that you are a "dynamic" who lives in a silly dream land. It really helps the adjustment of the telephone work better.

As appeared in this YouTube Video, you should simply utilize a 3.5mm boring tool to penetrate out another jack in the highest point of your iPhone 7.

Unfortunately, a few people are not getting great results with this methodology, and they are whining that despite everything they can't hear anything subsequent to connecting their earphones to the 3.5mm opening they've boring into their iPhone 7. These individuals are forgetting a significant second step, and that is what I'm planning to address here.

The second step, not specified in the video, is that should change out the 3.5mm bore with a 1/2" boring tool and bore a gap in the side of your head, which gives the music access.

On the off chance that you don't bore the 1/2" opening in your mind, you'll never hear the music from your iPhone 7, you see. It's essential material science, as any specialist will affirm.

So if it's not too much trouble watch this video beneath, and after that catch up with the 1/2" boring tool to the side of your head. For best results, ensure you penetrate no less than six inches into your head, in light of the fact that the sound-related nerve is outrageously somewhere down in there.

Numerous clients are reporting extraordinary accomplishment with this iPhone 7 change method. From a real client: "I can't f**king trust you. I got an iPhone 7 for my birthday and I saw your video and I attempted to utilize a drill to revive the fixed earphone jack. It totally obliterated my telephone and I needed to make my mother go out and purchase me another one. She let me know that she would just do it in the event that I would cut the yard for the following couple of weeks. F**k you and your malignant channel, I need to cut my yard since you are a f**king troll c*nt bread."


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